Developed on Microsoft’s most advance and hi-tech
GUI based Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF, backend - SQL

Entry Modules

Trading Transactions

  • Purchase Slip
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales Slip
  • Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Memo-IN
  • Memo-IN Return
  • Memo-OUT
  • Memo-OUT Return
  • Consignment-IN
  • Consignment-IN Return
  • Consignment-OUT
  • Consignment-OUT Return


  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Contra
  • Direct Expense
  • Direct Income
  • Post Dated
  • Promissory Note
  • Bill Expense
  • Bill Income
  • Journal Voucher
  • Credit / Debit Note
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Entity Reconciliation


  • Opening Stock
  • Stock Revaluation
  • Stock Split
  • Stock Mix
  • Stock Merge
  • Lost & Found
  • Stock Check and Take
  • Customer Demand
  • Offer Module
  • Stock Freeze


  • Certificate Send
  • Certification Approval
  • Certificate Receive
  • Manufacturing Send
  • Manufacturing Return
  • Manufacturing Receive

Key Features of Diamtrade

  • Manage multiple inventories and track all aspects like cost centre and profit-loss for each inventory independently.
  • Manage every inventory with its own business logic and each Inventory type with a unique structure.
  • Send the rough stones to multiple factories for the manufacturing and polished stones to the labs for certification. Also, maintain numerous certificates for a single stone.
  • Quickly check and match the book stock with your physical stock on daily basis.
  • Get the latest Rapnet pricelist every week as well as keep a pricelist of your own.
  • See the full history of every individual item.
  • Multi-Currency support allows you to make sales and purchase in any currency and make payments in any currency. Track payments and receipt in any currency.
  • DiamTrade is the world’s first and only desktop application to offer 100% customization to suffice all your business requirements.
  • DiamTrade App is an essence of an intelligent, intense and thorough research. It is totally tailor-made for your organization and so, it completely understands your business process.
  • It covers all faces of your organization including but not limited to Inventory management, Data security, Crystal clear business trading, multinational currency, CRM, Administration, Partnership, MIS reporting and so on.
  • Partnership module brings to you a friendly and an effective way of managing your partners.
  • The module offers high-quality features including but not limited to, shared investment and profit-loss calculations, dedicated partner’s inventory and a complete analysis of every individual partnership.
  • Partnership Concept is the facility due to which the user can handle the whole partnership process like (Inventory-Investment-Profit & Loss ratio-Interest)
  • Partnership on an Inventory-This type of partnership is used when a person/Salesman is working and he/she is partner for a particular Department.
  • Any Partner can Invest amount in partnership account and then interest can be calculated on running balance.
  • DiamTrade incorporates all kinds of business logics and procedures used in the Gems and Precious Stones business. It allows you to choose your kind of business logics and inventory management processes. You have the freedom to build and manage inventory in your own working style. You can customize the software to suit your requirements through a few simple clicks. Personal customization, Price Customization, Columns Customizations and many more...
  • Diamtrade gives you an extensive and advance rights management facility so that no changes take place in the data without your knowledge.
  • Admin can give rights to each user separately as per their designations and track all users’ transactions individually.
  • Extensive and advance rights management till root level.
  • Auto Backup facility automatically takes the data backup regularly. Restore database and Re-Index the database operations available as well.
  • Lock the different type of transactions for a desired time period. Also, lock all previous and/or current financial year transactions.
  • Keep a record of all the deleted transactions and retrieve them anytime in case deleted accidentally.
  • Track goods on memos and consignments easily. Convert your memos and consignment in/out into purchase and sales in just a few clicks. Generate a memo and later convert it to an invoice in second.
  • Get the purchase, sales, and goods on memo/cons, account receivables and account payables reports just in a single click.
  • All kind of MIS Reports and Financial reports till inventory level.
  • All standard and detail reports available for all modules of DiamTrade.
  • Import and Export, from and to excel in user defined formats.
  • Get your Invoices designed by our highly skilled crystal report developers in any form you want.
  • Automatically send daily, weekly and monthly email for different reports like, payment-receipt, bank balance, current stock, and so on to the owners, clients, partners, etc.
  • Create your own custom report and excel formats.
  • DiamTrade presents brilliant, handsome and a quality way of managing the certified diamonds inventory.
  • Input lab and certificate # alone and instantly obtain all certificate values from the website(GIA,HRD, IGI etc...).
  • Upload your inventory on trading platforms like Rapaport and Idex and revise it from time to time (automatically as well as manually).
  • Handle multiple certificates for a single stone and update your stock with standard pricelists.
  • Calculate and compare client offers. Print different kinds of packing lists and parcel labels

Also supports all popular hardware devices connectivity like e.g. BARCODE | RF-ID | SATO PRINTER | SARIN

    Authorization is a very helpful tool to administer the users’ activities. There are 3 types of authorization available.

  • Price Authorization- Any trade below a preset value will need your go-ahead to do so.
  • Shipment Authorization- User will need your permission while creating a sales invoice to a customer who has an overdue payment from the last sales transaction(s).
  • Credit Limit Authorization- Once the credit limit is set for the customer, it will require your authorization for each transaction after the credit limit is reached.
  • With DIAMTRADE your clients from worldwide can view your stock and can float enquiries as well as place orders.

Business Intelligence(BI)

With DIAMTRADE Business Intelligence tool, as an owner,
you can watch your offices from a centralized location
worldwide located in different countries as mentioned
in the diagram and analyze the data.